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What is Blogvertiser

Blogvertiser connects bloggers and advertisers with a purpose of creating and spreading information and views to the correct targeted group. Bloggers get paid to blog!

Blogvertiser was created in 2007 and acts as an intermediary between bloggers and advertisers.

For Advertisers

Blogvertiser makes it possible for companies to reach the market through various blogs. Blogs are one of the most modern, fastest growing, and most powerful ways to communicate with consumers.

We create the opportunity for you to get the "buzz" out for your products or services, drive traffic to your site, or give you valuable feedback from the consumers end.

For Bloggers

Are you a driven blogger that loves to write about your interests, opinions, or just love to blog about whatever comes to your mind?

Why should you not get paid for this? Blogvertiser arranges it so that your business or organization gets help to be seen or heard out in the blog sphere. You get paid to help businesses, organizations, and advertisers with valuable feedback along with the creation of "buzz" around their products and services.

Pst, meanwhile you can visit our Swedish site blogvertiser.com/sv.